Question #1: What’s the criteria for accepting applicants?

Answer: A Leadership Club only accepts students 11-13 years old that have expressed an interest in this 6-year leadership development program.

Question #2: Are applicants eligible for a university scholarship?

Answer: Yes.  Upon acceptance into the leadership development program, it is up to each student to determine whether he/she will become a scholarship recipient upon completing upper secondary education by meeting all of the mandatory requirements listed below.

  1. Complete upper secondary education with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 or its equivalent
  2. Successfully enroll into one of the world’s top 400 universities, per the most current US News & World Report, within one year of the official upper secondary education completion date
  3. Score in the 90 percentile on a college entrance exam (varies by country)

Question #3: How does A Leadership Club verify grades?

Answer: A Leadership Club requires each student to submit academic transcripts every semester until upper secondary education completion in order to receive the academic scholarship and every semester until university graduation in order to maintain the academic scholarship.

Question #4: What is A Leadership Club’s policy for the payment of the scholarship funds?

Answer: Once the student submits to our office a completed University/College Enrollment Verification form, A Leadership Club will pay scholarship monies directly to the university in equal installments each semester over a four-year period.

Question #5: What are the requirements to maintain or qualify for the renewal of the scholarship?

Answer: Upon enrollment into a university/college and disbursement of the scholarship award, the student must meet the requirements listed below. Failure to meet any one of the requirements listed below will result in the forfeiture of the undistributed portion of the scholarship.

  1. Scholarship recipient must maintain continuous full-time enrollment each semester (minimum of 12 hours per semester).
  2. Scholarship recipient must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA (based on a 4.0 scale).

Question #6: What are your procedures for action if the terms of the scholarship award are violated?

Answer: Upon successful enrollment into a four year university, A Leadership Club will require that the scholarship recipient submit to our office an academic transcript at the end of each academic school year, at which point our staff will determine whether the student is in violation of the terms of the scholarship. If the student is found to be in violation of the terms of the scholarship, an A Leadership Club staff member will notify the student of the violation and of the forfeiture of the undistributed portion of the scholarship.

Question #7: How does A Leadership Club determine the amount of each scholarship award?

Answer: A Leadership Club will determine the amount of each scholarship based on the total number of “A”s or the highest mark/grade a student earns in core subjects (Language, Math, Science, Social Science) during the student’s lower and upper secondary school career. The higher the grade level, the higher the contribution towards the scholarship award.  Beginning in the first year of the upper secondary school, student athletes will be eligible to receive up to a 60% increase in the scholarship reward for each sport season during an academic school year in which the student participated as an athlete in a sport associated with his/her school.

Question #8: What is the maximum scholarship award?


* Maximum scholarship award for a non student-athlete is $10,000.

* Maximum scholarship award for a student-athlete is $16,000.