About Us

A Leadership Club is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing lower and upper secondary students’ awareness of the link between their academic efforts and the future. It is our belief that thought leadership is the source from which ideas, policies, peace and wealth are logically derived. As such, A Leadership Club’s focus is to develop and create tomorrow’s global leaders by systematically linking success to thought leadership. We accomplish this by financially rewarding an A Leadership Club Scholar for each “A” the student earns in core subjects during lower and upper secondary education (6-year program), enabling the student to receive up to USD $16,000 upon completing secondary education.

As the educational system should be viewed as a program that equips the youth with the skills necessary for knowledge and wealth accumulation, A Leadership Club provides students with a road map that leads to superior academic performance. It is our belief that obtaining an education is an investment that should not be taken for granted. Upon completing secondary and/or higher education, the degree to which you’ve excelled in your studies will directly determine the size of your annual salary, the quality of the foods you eat, the size of your home, the quality of your decisions, the balance in your retirement account, your ability to manage debt, etc.  It is also our belief that identifying candidates as early as 11-13 years old will achieve the following:

  • parents will become more involved in the learning process, as this academic road map financially and socially impacts the household
  • students will become more grade conscious
  • teachers will encounter lower behavior problems and become more effective in classroom management
  • the rate in which the lessons are taught will increase as students become more career conscious, inspiring many to proactively research fields to which they wouldn’t have ordinarily been exposed
  • students will become more aware of the direct link between academic performance and wealth
  • students will be exposed to the concept of budgeting and time management
  • students will become more proactive, independent thinkers
  • collegiate athletic programs will see an improvement in the athletic talent/academic talent ratio in inbound college freshmen
  • misbehavior among students will decrease, both in and out of the classroom
  • world peace would increase as this program is embraced globally

Together, we can lead the way to a smarter, more intelligent world.


Breon Dominek Innman, President